You Are You – a video poem
Poetic Feed back from MHS World History Class
Poetic Feed back from MHS World History Class after watching "You Are You"

Created for the 21st Annual Dragons’ Breath Theater 

Every once and a while, a poem makes me uncomfortable. It comes to me in the middle of the night and I speak it into my phone. Then the next morning, I read it and think, what did I accidentally eat a pot cookie?  But no, I just had a very stimulating dinner with Sue and Karl, and well, this is the end result.  With these “Covid” times, live shows are impossible, and since I usually do a spoken word performance (entirely from memory) for Dragons’ Breath Theatre, I figured a poem video would be the next best thing. Enjoy

You Are You

Today, more than ever
I am Jesus
laying prayers on the divided
so we can see we are
actually one humanity
not two halves
pretending to be whole

I am Buddha
sitting calmly amid chaos
trees swaying
silence into my belly
and out into the world

This moment, just like always
I am Rumi
spinning love songs with breath
dancing god into limbs
so we can walk with awe

I am Quan Yin
opening the lotus of time
to reveal the sunrise
of humanity
as we claim our sovereignty

Tonight, with my heart on the edge of the sky
I am God
bowed deep in the marrow
of this glorious earth
listening to the moonlight whisper
sweet everythings into my pen
even if I don’t quite believe
what I’m hearing

but the owls agree
and the night insects
and the fox
and the shooting stars
reveal secrets
we already know
if we listen

Right now 
more than ever
the deep galaxies of us
pulse with an invitation
to swim in waves of humanity
not there, but here
right here in this skin
our skin, human skin
human bodies
twist the strands
into DNA
of our making

love it
feel it
be it

beauty big and small
Wander infinity
and explore emptiness
on foot and in dreams

This is the life we have
Furled forth in cosmic communities
is why we are here

ready for helm
we are the sacred symbol
the tetrahedrons
spinning open
the flower of life

Blake More
© Sept 2020