Yantra High Way

A glimse into the now with Star Yantra.

Star Yantra is a poetry artcar that started as a black, 1997 SL500 Mercedes convertible. Using a limited palette of five metallic leaf acrylics, blended to create the colors you see, I sought to convey cosmic joy, a reflection of earth in the sky mirror.

A hand painted collage of poetry, dreamscapes & sacred images, Star Yantra is an magical bridge to the world of limitless possibilities. From the very first time I drove her, imagining her hood, painted exactly as it is now, I knew she would become a way for me to express how I feel the stars coursing through all life.  In a way, she is my vision of the future — humanity finally home in the universal expression of earth, suspended in space, as mysterious and illuminated as any nebula.

Yantra is the Sanskrit word for mystical diagram or sacred image, and I painted as if everything you see on the car is a constellation of its own, floating in the sky, somewhere in the vast space that is our universe, very much akin to the worlds brought back to us by our own Hubble Space Telescope.

The poems Sky Eye (on driver’s side) and Falling (on passenger side) attempt express this idea further, excavating the wide reaches we humans ponder.

Falling is the journey to self-love and how it must be attained before any other love is truly possible. Sky Eye is the after vision, what comes when love is so all-encompassing that the desire to merge with the unknown becomes a constant wonder, one that must be balanced with the day to day life of living on earth.

Both poems and more can be read at staryantra.life. For now, here are a few pictures and a video poem to enjoy.

blake and Yantra
Naked canvas
and in the beginning she was naked...
Rhody in San Rafael -- after a fender rebender...
Oakland art mumur, artcar edition