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Back in 2001, after a single lesson with my friend CyberSam, I pretty much taught myself how to use Dreamweaver and created a website called “snakelyone.com”. That was back in the day of visual web counters, and my website got over 1 million hits in the first year. It was the salad days of content on the internet, as there wasn’t so much other than academic exchange and dorking out with tech nerds (yes, I consider myself one of those, except more on the visual side of things), and I managed to eek out an identity in the days before myspace even.

Interestingly enough, that was the salad days of hyperlinking for pay, and instead of hawking wrinkle erase creams and face masks (ironic right?!), I had university and academic sources asking for links in my texts (many are still there, at the bottom of my pages)–and paying me up to $125 to type in a single line of code — definitely helped out my gypsy lifestyle.

And as to be expected, I eventually grew bored of sitting in front of my screen and updating all the time and my site pretty much is frozen in time — say 2011 or so.

It is such a different world now, but I thought it might be nice to jot down a few recollections of those uncensored, simpler times. 

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chicken cathedral
Never a dull breakfast
Illustrated poetry
Remember when gifs were animated and art was clunky? This is a great example -- inspiration and the Model T
John Coultrane Poem
Written at the request of Jazz instigator Fred Adler "Thank You Trane" was a direct result of an intensive inquiry into the life and music of John Coltrane. It was performed as part of the 3rd Annual Redwood Coast Whale and Jazz Festival at the Gualala Arts Center.
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Videos, pics, scripts...stuff like Boxing Pandora, Fused and Centrifuged, and more!
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