Plant Prayers

For a laugh, my dreams to yours — audio is 10 seconds long — this is a momentary distraction, a chance to link dreamscapes with each other.

I woke up with such a strong urge to put on one of my spirit animal costumes and go dance with my kale in the garden, reflecting the start of a good day of shelter in place, diamonds of night dew glistening in the pale morning light…

The poem below serves as an intro and makes the dream audio easier to understand! 

Plant Prayers

Anticipating the new moon
my garden visits my dreams
and I wake laughing
at the rocking soirée
my vegetables threw
we were dancing
and holding hands
hugging even

as I pad barefoot
and naked into the yard
to “tap the kitty” as my grandma used to say
the stars shout
write it down

but that entails glasses
paper and pen
maybe even a light
I wine
but they insist

I grab my phone
mumble groggily into the recorder
immediately fall back asleep
eager to return to my party

this morning
long after tea
a shower, multiple phone calls
some web work
I remember the recording

wise words indeed
Everybody is welcome!

(**and really, I am not drunk — but who knows what those vegetables gave me! 

blake more