Celebrating Poet Gordon Black on Cartwheels on the Sky
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Originally Airs Saturday,
March 2, 2024

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Cartwheels on the Sky Featuring a Celebration of Poet Gordon Black on KGUA FM Gualala

Tune into KGUA’s Cartwheel on the Sky at 7pm on Saturday, March 2 when host Blake More  when host Blake More presents a celebration of Mendocino coast poet, longtime host of the Hill House Poetry Reading, and former KZYX classical music programmer Gordon Black. This living tribute show features the poetry of Gordon Black read by Dan Roberts, Joe Smith, Mike Edwards, Janferie Stone, Tom Roberdeau and Gordon himself.



Originally airs at 88.3, KGUA FM Gualala. Also streams live at https://kgua.org

Listen to Replay here after the show airs on KGUA FM.

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