Life is about conversation, the deep sharing of inner sounds. I love to talk and even more love to get others to talk about their inner upwellings so I can listen. 

That is what radio is about for me.

I have been hosting a live show at least once a month since I first started podcasting for Ladybug Live in 2005.  I later got recruited to host Women’s Voices, which at the time, was the longest running program on KZYX FM, Mendocino County Public Broadcasting.  Eventually, Women’s Voices was renamed XXWhy, and less than a year later, the station asked me to rebrand the show and come up with a new name.  Thus Be More Now Radio was born. 

Since then have hosted over a hundred shows for KXYX FM Mendocino County. Currently, I have two shows, Be More Now on KZYX FM Mendocino County Public Broadcasting, and the rebirth of Cartwheels on the Sky on KGUA FM Gualala.

You can subscribe to both podcasts here for past, present and future episodes.

Do you have an inspired service or message to get out to the world?  Interested in being a guest on one of my shows?  Send me an email!