Dragons’ Breath Theater Live Recording

Click here to watch our virtual Dragons’ Breath Theater Zoom show or check it out below!!

Dragons Breath Theatre Stage
Nelson Lunding at Dragons Breath Theatre
opening ceremony
amanda grace on trapeze


Because of these “Covid” restrictions, we took our Dragons’ Breath Theater Variety show virtual for the first time ever. Please accept our down home “just us folks” presentation of this annual show.  It is our 21st year, and we were happy to provide community relief in the form of entertainment filled with the love, joy and creativity of our amazing local and not so far away talent. Please enjoy the show.

Order of Appearance

Opening (video by Scott Jones)
Welcome & Invocation by Fred Mitouer, Cheryl Mitouer & Blake More
Karl Young—shakuhachi 
Amara & Alana Lin—music
Jetsun Bradfordebey—spoken word
Moshe Cohen—clowning
Tamyra Thomas—music
Scott Jones—video
Jasper Henderson — spoken word
Tom Merline & Rod Curbelo—music
Lisa Hori-Garcia — performance
Ayla & Giancarlo—music
Blake More—spoken word
Dave Burns—music
Artwalk (video by Scott Jones)
Nelson Lunding—music
Arthur Baker—spoken word
Ken Duffy—spoken word  
Cassy and Wayne—music
Ed Holmes—comedy skit
Kim Ghezzi & Sue Bolin—song
Marsha Angus—talk
Sherry Glaser—comedy skit
Armand Brint —spoken word
Suzanne Ciani—music
Hal Robins —spoken word
The Leyroys—skit
Bryn Harris—song
Bidét Papél—dance
Shem Biggie—trapeze
Closing (video by Scott Jones)

On Saturday, September 12th, Fred and Cheryl Mitouer of Transformational Bodywork Associates and Somatic Agency, and their co-producer Blake More, presented the 21st Annual Dragons’ Breath Theatre Variety Show & Art Walk — Virtually via Zoom!

This live recording offers a special glimpse through the dragons’ gate and promises many of your favorite faces from past shows, including, music by Suzanne Ciani, Nelson Lunding, Karl Young, Amara & Alana Lin, Dave Burns, Bryn Harris, Cassy and Wayne, Sue Bolin, Tamyra Thomas, Kim Ghezzi and Tom Merline & Rob Curbelo; comedic/dramatic presentations by Sherry Glaser, Lisa Hori-Garcia (of SFMT), Ken Duffy (SF Art Car Coalition), Moshe Cohen (Mr. YooWho), Ed Holmes and The LeRoys; spoken word by Hal Robins, Jasper Henderson, Armand Brint, Arthur Baker, Marsha Angus, Jetsun Bradfordebey and Blake More; dance Natalie Aceves and Blake More; trapeze silks by Shem Biggie.

Plus virtual artwalk with Dan Beam, Drew Beam, Susan Routledge, Ann McCoy, Blake More, Suzan Friedland and Ling-Yen Jones. Open to all, but parental discretion advised.

Dragons' Breath Theatre 2020