Dragons’ Breath in Conversation
Dragons Breathe conversations
Co-conspirators and hosts of the annual Dragons’ Breath Theatre, Fred Mitouer and Blake More like to talk meta. They speak in what Fred likes to call “shorthand”, and they have been talking like this for over 20 years.
And since Blake likes technology, the two of them decided she would record one or five of their beloved mindwalks, in hopes that others might find hope, inspiration and perhaps even some levity in them. Who knows, maybe a listener might decide to forward to an unsuspecting friend who has always heard about those “out there” California fringe-types.
This is our first attempt, “just us folks” — recorded fresh like our minty morning mouths, this very morning, hot beverages in hand, practicing safe social distancing, i.e., a mere telephone call, away!
Watch out for more posts as we continue these conversations. If you want to join us in, either by asking a question, or calling in with some comments of your own, send me an email. Let’s keep this interesting!
We hope you enjoy listening!
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