Dispatch from the Ledge ~ Life in the Time of Covid

The covid continues. Such an interesting opportunity to be in witness. 

This offering was inspired when creating a poetry lesson for youth of all ages called “Life After ~ Integrating the New You.” The lesson can be viewed here. My plan was to write something for a lesson example, but then this happened. So I had to write two!

Sometimes I am struck by a torrent of language. This is one such instance — and in it I realize I am a “political spiritual” poet. The meeting of the two fascinates me. Let me know what you think.


Dispatch from the Ledge

We put our masks on
prepared to dance back out
into the murky future ball
six feet from each other
fist bumping, keeping our spit to ourselves
spending our tiny pennies in the few shops
allowed to gingerly proffer wares
over the threshold
of change we spend hours
gnashing teeth over
in Odyssean attempts
to let the government help us
help ourselves

We celebrate, gently at first
at the idea of being allowed to gather

perhaps dine in a half empty restaurant
toast a friendship in person
visit a grandchild

We are told life is forever changed
that we will have to stay away from each other
give up hugs for at least a year
smile behind cloth
comprehending an inkling of the burka
to save lives, yes to save lives they tell us
which we all so very much want to do
sequestering ourselves in homes
for as long as we have them
while others brave necessary cash registers
to kick start this lopsided economy

and hold on we do
taking heart in regenerating ozone layers
and goats herding over highways
gorging on information
until our brains begin to crack
with wild weeds wending their way into novel perspectives scientists, researchers, health warriors on the frontlines of this crisis
offering information counter to official news angles
madly forwarding emails
in hopes they will be captured
before disappearing from the public record
to protect the sanctity of our minds
as if citizens cannot tell the difference
between what is real and what is not

maybe they can’t
but this fact cannot be disputed
our mighty dispensers of free
screen entertainment
have acknowledged their collusion with red boxes
with slanted smiles that tell us linked videos violate guidelines
but WHO decides fake news?  

People say we will never be China
That Hitler did not exist
That the pharmaceutical companies
did not cause the opioid crisis  

And now I understand
how easy it is to tether oneself to belief
and forsake all else
human’s have been doing it for millennia
clubbing each other, dropping bombs,
broadcasting messages, liking posts
that make us feel better about our superior opinions
while the villainous other side does the same thing
the duality river becoming an ocean
with quarantined cruise ships on their respective banks
politicians diving between them
for billionaire scraps like gulls swarming a seine net

But ask a Washington insider with no allegiance to a false flag
and she will tell you the sanctimonious masquerade is losing its fabric
as this B-grade, dystopian sci-fi movie
rolls toward its final credits

The real masks are coming off
revealing red and blue guises
similar to those history has shown before

Do not be alarmed
the lines taped on the sidewalks
cannot stop us from talking
our innocence was lost long ago
and finally we are ready to acknowledge it

An expanse is forming
one with no walls
no polarities
a birds’ eye vista witnessing corruption and fortitude
with equal eyes

we are all first
in this translucent crystal
of now