Convene Supervene ~ A COVID-19 Poem

This is a time like no other.  We all know life is changed forever. We can view this with fear or love. We can resist change or embrace it. 

The complex time we face, is what inspired this poem.  I hope it brings you courage and inspiration in your life.  Text below, AND you can also watch a subtitled audio version by clicking here. 

Convene Supervene

I awoke this morning thinking about all the people I love
and how I want to call each one of you
and say, it is okay, we’ll be okay, we are okay,
we are light,
we are love,
we are collective consciousness
pushing itself from a deep dream of frenzied sleep
amid COVID-19 messages from corporations with generic responses
news briefs about bipartisan senators selling stock
as they reassure the public
we will all be just fine come October
posts of top CEOs jumping out of the game in the nick of time
their golden parachutes pirouetting in the wind
of this worldwide panic pandemic
as if they are immune

maybe they are, in their bunkers in South Dakota or Panama
or whatever middle earth conspiracy story
appeals to your creative imagination
counting their one percent while the rest of us duke it out
over toilet paper and frozen pizza
holy water replaced by hand sanitizer

lives constructed carefully or carelessly
on the brink of virtual collapse
safety nets revealing their rabbit holes
bystanders wondering who among us will slip through
as we plummet into an unknown
embraced by those who’ve been training
to meet this moment for decades

this is no time to fear
because this is as real as the air we share
the surfaces we touch, the hugs we are missing

as real as dolphins returning and balconies breaking out
in cohesive song

as real as this blue earth
making up point zero-zero-zero-three percent
of the total mass of a solar system
sharing the milky way with 40 billion
potentially habitable planets like our own

as real as these bodies
unfurling like springtime ferns
in the dawn of our awakening

social distancing without euphemism is social isolation
i.e., meditation

nothing else to do
but make love inside ourselves
with lungs and isotopes
with inhale exhale
feeding the antibodies
with able-bodied thoughts

tell them we got this
and we will
tell them we got this
and we do

Blake More

© 3/23/2020