Big Daddy Patriarchy – a video poem

sacred grounds reading

This poem, Big Daddy Patriarchy came out all at once, like it was poured into my brain and out my fingertips.  I laughed the whole time. It happened at 2am on the night before my virtual Sacred Grounds. I always like to have something new to keep me from being bored by my own poetry when I feature, and this poem was no exception. Here is the written version. Please share if you feel inspired!

Big Daddy Patriarchy

Oh daddy

you are so big and strong and sciency

You make it less scary to be human


I’m so glad I am in the passenger seat

and you are manning the space X sputnik moderna vehicle

hurtling through the collective nervous system of humanity

I can’t imagine having to trust my innate anything

Here are the car keys to

my sovereignty, the deed to my free will

the secret code to my lock screen


You can make all the calls from now on

as long as you promise to keep me alive

with your drive-through fast food, iron on pharma


oh daddy

I love how you move the mouths

of the good bothers and sisters

telling the vision over and over again

no matter what station I’m watching

they all say the same thing

so I don’t have to bother with fact finding

all that boring research

and reading, oh god,

I am so much happier to watch

your snippets of perceived relevancy

read the pre-approved publications

cliff-noting the parts your virtuous,

cancel-culturally trained thinkers

tell us are essential

it is so generous of you

to ladle me

all the labels


Oh daddy you are so good

and I’m such a bad girl

cause sometimes I falter

and think about fake news

I wormhole down bitchutes

and follow the telegram signals

and go off rumbling with the banned


Please don’t punish me Daddy

de-platform my lockdown social media existence

stop me from liking and ignoring the posts of the friends

you won’t let me hang out with anymore


I don’t mean to be curious

it is just sometimes I hear a faint voice that

says something that kinda makes sense

but I am trying to do better daddy,

plus I know it’s okay because

sooner or later I’ll get caught by one of your algorithmic

bread crumbs and find my way back to the safe pablum

of your youtube suggestions


and daddy, I know you staged wars, paperclips and Tuskegees

just so I can sleep soundly at night

knowing you have all the power

and I don’t have to bother my pretty little head with details

You can handcuff me to the bedposts

beat me down with foreclosures, unemployment and hospital wards

since you always do it for my own good

and the good of all


Daddy I’m right here waiting for you in my bedroom

with your proverbial crotch over my mouth

hoping you’ll finally launch this SS Goodship New Normal

let us go Orange

so I can put on my little black dress

and you can take me out for General Tso Chicken

inside a real restaurant

Blake More © April 2021

featuring the song Free Funky (TP 54) by Till Paradiso licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Released 2021-02-22, copyright 2021