Bidét Papél takes on Covid

This will not play on YouTube since Bidét Papél “stole” Chris Mann’s fantastic “My Sharona” parody as her musical accompaniment. So my fabulous cousin Jason is  letting me host it on the Dragons’ Breath Theater pages of his Vimeo! Thanks Cuz!  

Big thanks to Scott Jones for shooting and editing this video!!!

Created for the 21st Annual Dragons’ Breath Theater 

Making her debut on the virtual dragons’ stage, Bidét Papél is new to the Mendocino Coast, but since she arrived during Covid, nobody has met her yet. She pretty much holes up in her perty shack and hunts for spare rolls in her spare time, which these days, she has a lot of! She, like everyone else, is doing her best to stay sane amid the constraints of mask wearing, social and official storylines. Shout out to Chris Mann for his musical accompaniment.

Blake More © Sept 2020