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Who am I?! I am your personal entrainer…

I am a muse, a mirror and an activator.  I guide people in sound healing, art, movement, touch and poetry. Friends and family know me as a love-provoking rascal and prolific creator. I prefer to call myself a vibrator. Yes, I am sexy and fun, but I also embody the tool of entrainment.

To define it simply,  entrainment describes how two or more vibrating bodies lock into phase so that they resonate in harmony.  This scientific wonder is especially documented in music, biology, psychology and healing. 

Entrainment is my wand:  The powerful rhythmic vibrations I emit actually elevate the vibrational field of those around me, activating the archetypal muse/mirror of true purpose and highest calling. 

Viewing ourselves in a loving, grounded, high-flying reflection feels good and exponentially speeds up the process of vibration raising. Which is a good thing, because we need to join together and actualize our collective potential. 

My name is Blake. My last name is More. That makes me B More, which is my motto!  Be More. Always.

I have so much fun with my name:  my live radio talk show is called  “BE MORE NOW”, my creative design business is “B MORE CREATIONS”, and my private healing practice is “B MORE FLOW.”  These seemed like plenty of offerings, until one day, a friend half-jokingly stated:  “I want to go to ‘BE MORE UNIVERSITY’ so I can be more like you.” 

And that was it for me “B MORE YOU”  was born!  A way to combine all of my “mores” into a shareable system.

But this configuration was a long time in the making.  A UCLA graduate and resident of California’s Mendocino Coast since the late 90s, I am a healing artist with many creative voices and expressions.

People call me a renaissance woman, because I am truly inspired by the raw ingredients of life. I write. I paint outdoor murals and daily-use art cars. I make poetry videos. I create mosaics. I emcee and host shows. I perform. I dance. I design costumes for myself and others. I live on my own off grid homestead. I sew. I garden. I forage. I conjure decadent meals from high nutrient, healthy foods. I make skin products and cosmetics clean enough to eat. I practice yoga daily. I love gorilla theater. I talk a lot. And to top it all off. I am prolific! And I am grateful!

I believe artists must give back to the generations to come, so I also work with California Poets in the Schools and the California Arts Council to deliver creative arts instruction in K-12 classrooms around the Northern California region. Among other things, I get to teach poetry and video, produce youth poetry anthologies, and coach high school poetry slam teams.  

I have been a costumer with the Tony Award winning San Francisco Mime Troupe (never silent!) for 20 years, and have been co-producing Dragons’ Breath Theater for that long as well.  I became a certified yoga instructor 1996 at White Lotus in Santa Barbara, and teach privately or at select festivals.

I also volunteer for several non-profit arts and education organizations, and co-produce several shows and events a year, including Dragons’ Breath Theater, the Point Arena Fireworks Festival, live shows at the Arena Theater and a monthly poetry and jazz series.  

Dedicated to sharing the refinement of personal geometry, I have performed in Tokyo, Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles, and throughout the SF Bay area. My freelance writings have appeared in dozens of magazines, including Yoga Journal, Utne Reader and Tokyo Time Out. I have also written two non-fiction books, one fiction book, and three books of poetry.

To summarize, I am a muse, a magician, and an activator.  I breathe creation. I evoke creation, I heal, nurture and activate creation in others. And I love helping to “Turn On” the light switches of others.

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